1.Santa will call you just before his arrival. If the contact number you’ve given Santa is for a cell phone, make sure that phone is on and being monitored.

2.If possible, have an adult meet Santa outside before he gets to your door. If you’ve arranged for Santa to deliver gifts, those can be transferred to Santa’s bag before he rings the doorbell. If the gifts will fit in a large trash bag, they’ll fit in Santa’s bag. Make sure name tags are securely attached (or write the names directly on the wrapping paper). 

3.If parking is limited, please reserve a spot for Santa as close as possible.  A sign saying, "Santa Parking Only" or "Reserved for Santa" adds to the fun.  If that spot is not readily apparent, the adult who meets Santa outside can provide direction. 

4.Use the time after Santa telephones to gather the kids or guests together so they won’t miss Santa’s entrance. Depending on their age, it often works well to have one or more of the children actually answer the door. Have your cameras ready!
5. Decide ahead of time where Santa will sit for photos. A straight backed chair (without arms) placed near the Christmas tree or other festive background usually works well. Leave room room behind the chair so that several people may get in the photo together. Give some thought to the pictures you’d like to take. Don’t forget the older children, aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc. No one, including teenagers or Grandma, is ever too old for a photo with Santa, and these make adorable pictures!

6.If you have young children who seem reluctant to approach Santa, don’t force the issue. Let them watch from a safe distance and give Santa a chance to work his magic. 

7.If Santa is owed payment, please put that in an envelope and give it to him as he’s preparing to leave. Giving Santa what appears to be a Christmas card looks quite normal to children; handing him money does not.

8.Expect Santa to contact you again soon after his visit to ask for your feedback. He values that input. If you have specific suggestions for “next time,” be sure to share those. It's also not too soon to renew your booking for next year if you'd like to get your event on Santa's calendar.