More Comments from other  Delighted Customers

We have been blessed to have Santa Dale visit our childcare facility to the delight of our children and adults. He is truly the Santa we all believe in - kind, patient and caring. The delighted and amazed faces of all our little ones say it all. The children have always looked forward to our yearly visit from Santa and Dale has made it the "magical" event we all hope it will be.
Pat I. -- Little Church on the Prairie Learning Center
I would like to take a moment to thank you for adding that special magic to our annual holiday party. The parents really appreciate the opportunity to have picture moments with their children and a Santa that has that true Christmas sparkle in his eye! You have become part of our Coastal Pacific holiday tradition. 
Debbie M. -- Coastal Pacific Food Distributors
I have hosted a holiday event for my clients, family and friends the past several years and highly recommend Santa Dale. His patience and kindness are wonderful and he is truly an authentic Santa both in looks and actions. My folks love to see Dale each year and are amazed at how well he knows their names. Dale is a fantastic business resource and fabulous Santa!
Sian I. -- John L. Scott, Puyallup